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01. Employment Law Counseling

Employment Law Counseling

Legal Advice

Over the course of his career, Tony Strauss has spent countless hours providing employment law advice to both employers and employees. Many employers have used Tony as an “outside” HR resource and he consults regularly on issues involving hiring, firing, layoffs, leaves of absence, personnel policies, travel expenses and a myriad of other issues that arise in the workplace. Tony has also consulted with employees who felt that they were not treated fairly, believed that they were inappropriately terminated or wanted Tony to review a severance package presented by their employer.

Whether it is advising employers or employees, Tony strives to provide timely and effective advice concerning this ever changing and complicated area of law.

Employee Handbooks

Tony has been preparing employee handbooks for his business clients for decades. He has found that employee handbooks go a long way toward protecting employers from liability from discrimination, wrongful termination, and overtime lawsuits. What is more, employee handbooks can serve as guides for employers on how they should treat their employees; hence, they help ensure that employers never cross the line and violate California or federal laws. 

Employment Law Workplace Audits

Some businesses try very hard to be in compliance with California’s strict workplace laws, but often the best way to ensure compliance is to have seasoned experts audit your policies. Tony has been providing this service to his clients for a long time. 

Employment-Related Contracts

Employment contracts can be a necessity in this day and age. Tony has decades of experience drafting employment contracts and other employment-related agreements, such as arbitration agreements, covenants not to compete, employee handbooks, and non-disclosure agreements. 

 45+ Years of Experience

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