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03. Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Business Ownership/Control/Dissolution Disputes

Business operations sometimes become divisive.  Disagreements among partners or business owners typically result from one party’s failure to honor fiduciary duties or the failure to comply with contractual obligations of the partnership agreement, corporate formation agreement, or other contract relating to the business.  Oftentimes these disagreements stem from secret business dealings which are at odds with the best interests of the company or its shareholders.  Tony has represented businesses, owners, shareholders and other parties in business ownership, control and dissolution disputes in both state and federal court.  Tony holds a successful track record representing both individuals and businesses in these matters.


Breach of Contract Lawsuits


The most common type of business lawsuit in today’s world is the straight-forward breach of contract. Tony knows exactly how to win — and defeat — breach of contract claims. 


Unfair Competition/Misleading Advertising Lawsuits


With quick and easy access to information at a push of a button, charges of unfair competition, which includes misleading advertising, are on the rise in California. Whether it is the use of confidential or proprietary information, someone who is undercutting his competitors by underpaying his employees or a business that publishes untrue statements about their products in public to get more customers, unfair competition is just that — unfair. 


Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Lawsuits


You have all heard the story by now. Someone goes from business to business inspecting their stairways, bathrooms, and other public areas, simply looking for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. One small violation can lead to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in fines and repairs. Tony has been defending businesses throughout California in these ADA compliance suits for years. 

Failure to Disclose Defects at Sale Lawsuits

Real estate fraud is on the rise. Often, the most prevalent type is the failure by a seller to disclose known defects in the condition of real property prior to its sale. The effect can be a buyer who purchases a house with defects that may not be worth what she paid for it. 

Fraudulent Concealment of Unpermitted Work Lawsuits

County permitting agencies are always in need of extra cash. So it is no surprise that they are ramping up efforts to catch homeowners who have done unpermitted work to their residence. While this can be a problem for many, a bigger problem is when a seller does not disclose that he did unpermitted work to his house. The buyer then finds out that not only does she have to rip out the unpermitted work, but she has to pay a fine to the permitting agency. 

 45+ Years of Litigation Experience

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