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02. Employment Litigation

Employment Litigation

Discrimination Lawsuits

Discrimination takes many forms: race, sex, gender, pregnancy, disability, language, religion, to name a few. California and federal laws protect employees from discrimination in the workplace. Tony Strauss has regularly represented clients — businesses and individuals alike — in discrimination lawsuits. The stakes can be high: employees who experience discrimination can sometimes win enormous awards in court. 

Wrongful Termination Lawsuits


Like discrimination, allegations of wrongful or illegal terminations are far too common in the modern work environment. They can occur in many situations: a disgruntled employee claims his termination was for an improper motive, or when someone is fired in retaliation for speaking up about workplace discrimination, after an employee is injured on the job, or when an employee discloses that she is pregnant. The list is almost endless. 

Hostile Work Environment Lawsuits


The two types of hostile work environments claims that we see most are either sexual or racial in nature. Sexually hostile work environments generally involve repeated comments or touching of a sexual nature. Racially hostile work environments usually entail repeated, daily comments about an employee’s race or ethnicity. Either way, they are terrible for employers and the employees that have to suffer through them. 


Government Contractor Lawsuits


Government Contractors face a multitude of employment law issues. Their liability can extend to acts committed against their employees by government employees. And the dual employment doctrine can ensure that the contractor can be liable for its employees that are completely embedded with the government. However, Strauss Law Group has experience defending government contractors by employing little-known defenses, including the Federal Enclave Doctrine and the Federal Officer Immunity Doctrine. Most lawyers that practice employment law may know nothing about these defenses, but you can learn more about them in our page dedicated to government contractor lawsuits.


Overtime Wage Claims/Lawsuits


By far the most common type of complaint we see is for unpaid overtime. Employers in California just seem to have the hardest time executing the state’s overtime rules correctly. The result is that their employees are often mis-classified as “exempt,” which means that they can go years without getting any overtime. Luckily for employees, California law can let you go back as many as four years to collect overtime wages owed. 

 45 Years of Employment Litigation Experience

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