Ventura, California Overtime Attorneys

Dear Ventura Employees:

  • Does your employer have you working off the clock?
  • Are you working long overtime hours without getting paid?
  • Are you classified as exempt when you really should be non-exempt?

If any of your answers to these questions are yes, then you may be entitled to bring an action to recover unpaid overtime pay.

At Strauss Law Group, a large percentage of our practice is dedicated to recovering unpaid overtime wages for Ventura employees. If you are owed overtime wages, you must keep in mind that the following rules apply when trying to recover them:

  • You can recover unpaid overtime going back four years from the date you file a civil lawsuit.
  • You are entitled to your attorney fees and costs if you bring a civil lawsuit.
  • You may be awarded penalties in the amount of thirty days of wages if any overtime is owed you.
  • You are entitled to interest on all amounts owed you at the legal interest rate of 10%.
  • Use our own California overtime calculator to see what Strauss Law Group could recover for you in unpaid overtime wages and other penalties.

Let Strauss Law Group help you bring a lawsuit to recover your unpaid overtime.

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