Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation Practice Overview

Failure to Disclose Defects at Sale Lawsuits

Real estate fraud is on the rise. Often, the most prevalent type is the failure by a seller to disclose known defects in the condition of real property prior to its sale. The effect can be a buyer who purchases a house with defects that may not be worth what she paid for it. Learn how you can protect yourself from being a victim or an unwitting perpetrator of a failure to disclose defects case at our FAQ page.

Fraudulent Concealment of Unpermitted Work Lawsuits

County permitting agencies are always in need of extra cash. So it is no surprise that they are ramping up efforts to catch homeowners who have done unpermitted work to their residence. While this can be a problem for many, a bigger problem is when a seller does not disclose that he did unpermitted work to his house. The buyer then finds out that not only does she have to rip out the unpermitted work, but she has to pay a fine to the permitting agency. Learn more about fraudulent concealment of unpermitted work lawsuits here.