What Should I Do if I Have Been Asked to Sign an Agreement in Order to Receive Severance Pay or Other Benefits?

Read the documents that your employer asks you to sign carefully. If you have any questions whatsoever, have them reviewed by a lawyer. You want to make sure that you are not unknowingly losing your rights by signing a severance agreement, so hiring an attorney to review the agreement can be worth every penny.

Employers often offer some severance pay provided the employee signs a “severance” or “separation” agreement. These agreements universally contain the employee’s waiver of any claim he/she may have against the employer.

Severance and separation agreements also often try to limit the employee’s right to work in the particular field or use company information in future employment. California has very specific laws as to what an employer can require of its former employees.

Again, any questions that employers or employees have concerning the limits of a separation agreement should be presented to competent employment counsel like Strauss Law Group.  Contact us now.

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