Drafting Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook articulates the terms and conditions of employment in a company, setting forth the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employees. Strauss Law Group prides itself on creating customized handbooks that comply with California employment laws and are based on the individual policies and practices of your company.

Strauss Law Group’s attorneys have been drafting high-quality employee handbooks tailored to the individual needs of Ventura County, Southern California and Central Coast businesses for the past twenty-five years. We can draft employee handbooks for use in nearly any state in the country. Contact us now for a free quote.

The Many Benefits of Having an Employee Handbook

Many employers don’t have an employee handbook and aren’t sure if they even need one. Although the law does not require a company to provide an employee handbook, SLG strongly advises its clients to develop a handbook in order to optimize their legal protection in the event of a lawsuit.

In Brief…

An employee handbook articulates the terms and conditions of employment in a company, setting forth the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee.

Employee handbooks can help quickly and clearly orient a new employee to the company’s policies and practices, and provide a coherent reference in the event of a conflict later on. But even most importantly, employee handbooks are essential in helping employers better protect themselves – and can even affect a company’s bottom line.

Not only can a well-drafted employee handbook reduce an employer’s vulnerability to a lawsuit, it can also reduce annual insurance rates because insurance companies consider the employer at a lower risk for lawsuits.

Finally, employee handbooks are relatively inexpensive. Other defenses against employment-related conflicts, like employment practices liability insurance (which must always still be considered), cost thousands of dollars more than an employee handbook. In the final analysis, the price of avoiding lawsuits is much less than the cost of defending lawsuits.


  • How an employee handbook can protect an employer:
    • In one example, an employee may complain that she’s had so much work that she hasn’t been able to take her lunch break for the past two weeks. However, her supervisor quickly pulls out the employee handbook and refers her to the chapter on meal and rest periods, which clearly states that all employees are required to take a meal period after every five hours of work.
    • Thanks to the policies laid out in the handbook, the employee is reminded that it is her responsibility to take her lunch break, and not the fault of her supervisor or employer when she ultimately does not take the required break. The supervisor’s ability to quickly refer to the policies in the handbook – policies to which each employee agrees upon hiring – can easily prevent the matter from escalating to a more serious complaint against the company.

How much does it cost?

The cost of having Strauss Law Group prepare an employee handbook depends on the size of your business. We are willing to work with you to determine your exact needs and the level of detail of the handbook. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by how reasonable our prices are compared to the competition. Contact us now for a free quote.

Why use Strauss Law Group?

While SLG frequently develops handbooks for companies of any size throughout Ventura County, Southern California and the Central Coast, the firm also has a wealth of experience in preparing employee handbooks for companies that employ people outside California and can draft handbooks for any state in the U.S. Because employment regulations can vary from state to state, you most likely need a handbook tailored to comply with the specific employment regulations of each state in which you or your employees do business.


Employers who choose to simply download a generic employee handbook, or “cut and paste” a handful of eye-catching policies from different sources, run the risk of paying a much higher price in the long run. California employment law is extremely complex, particularly in regard to the specific regulations concerning overtime pay and leave policies. The attorneys at SLG have extensive knowledge of the intricacies of California employment law and will work directly with each employer to develop a handbook that clearly and coherently abides by California regulations and adapts to the practices and desired culture of each company.  Contact us now for a free quote.