Welcome all Clients

Dear Clients:

In my many years of operating an employment law practice, I have accumulated a mountain of forms that may be of interest for my employer clients. I also have experienced many occasions where my clients have wanted me to send them relevant forms for use in their own business.

Rather than horde these forms myself, and because I want to make it easier for my clients to access them at any time, I have decided to make many of them available to you.

To the right is a menu that contains links to the forms that we have decided to make available to you.  We are providing these forms for free to our clients as one of our many services. We will be updating the list as often as possible, so check back with us soon.

NOTE: Your business might need specific needs that are not met by these forms. If that is the case, please contact us to set up an appointment so we can draft forms that are tailored for your purposes.

I hope you enjoy this new service of Strauss Law Group. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Very Truly Yours,

Tony Strauss