FREE Case Evaluations

Strauss Law Group is proud to offer a new service to our web customers. We how have FREE Case Evaluators, forms potential clients can fill out and send to us online for quick and easy evaluations of their potential claims. The evaluator forms are specific to the most common litigation practice areas we service, including claims for unpaid overtime and unpaid minimum wage. More are to come, so check back soon.

When filling out the forms, make sure you provide the greatest detail possible. The more detail you provide, the better we will be able to evaluate your case. But, remember, although Strauss Law Group goes to great lengths to protect your privacy, the mere submission of these forms in no way creates an attorney-client relationship between a user and Strauss Law Group and/or its attorneys. If we decide to take your case, we will send you a written fee agreement that sets forth the terms and conditions of our representation; only when all parties sign the fee agreement will an attorney client relationship be established.

Here are the current FREE Case Evaluators on our site:

If you have any questions about our Evaluators, please contact Strauss Law Group.